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An interview with Jan Persson, CEO, Lamiflex Inc.

Jan Persson, CEO of Lamiflex Inc.
Jan Persson, CEO of Lamiflex Inc.

We recently had the pleasure to sit down with our newest business member, Jan Persson, CEO of Lamiflex Inc.
Persson recently moved to Houston to take on the challenge of expanding the firms U.S. industrial packaging business targeting the oil field services sector.  Most recently, Lamiflex identified significant opportunity to grow its business with the steel industry around the Great Lakes region.

The Lamiflex Group, headquartered in Nyköping, Sweden, is a world leading supplier of transport packaging solutions mainly to the steel, aluminum and cable industries and most recently in the oilfield services with the opening of the Houston office three years ago.  Lamiflex provides clients with complete solutions including services for recycling or reuse of products.

Lamiflex’s lean and nimble staff, “prides itself on providing innovative solutions and acting quickly to meet its clients’ needs around the world, which sets it apart from its larger competitors,” stated Persson. With 3 full-time staff in Houston and 120 worldwide, the company services large oil & gas clients such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Weatherford and Schlumberger, among others.
Lamiflex Inc
Lamiflex offers a wide-range of cost effective, environmentally friendly packaging solutions to meet a client’s most challenging needs.  From shipping large filters for oil rigs to steel or aluminum coils that will be used for automotive, ships, airplanes or building panels, safe packaging is a must. Lamiflex has the expertise to advise clients how to package and the tools to provide clients with safe, waterproof, anti-corrosive, reusable packaging materials.

Persson brings over 10 years of experience in the industrial packaging industry to Lamiflex. Prior to moving to Houston, he spent 5 years working for the Lamiflex Group focusing on business development in Eastern Europe and Russia.  Currently, he resides in The Woodlands with his wife and two children.

Sarah Sweet, SACC-TX

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