Meet Karl Sralla, new board member for SACC Dallas

Mechanical engineer student Karl Sralla is a new board member for SACC Dallas. As such he wishes to use his experience at university and as a CEO of his newly founded company, to enable and help create a platform that allows young and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs to network […]

2020 in the rear mirror for SACC Texas chambers

2020 has, to say the least, been a tumultuous year. We’ve talked to the chairmen of our chambers in Dallas, and Houston to hear how they have handled the past pandemic year. Patrik Melander, chairman of the board, SACC Dallas: How would you like to summarize the pandemic year 2020 […]

Greetings from Hans Cederlund, Chairman SACC Texas

Dear SACC Texas friends! A strange and eventful year is going to an end as I am writing the Editorial for the 10th and the last SACC Texas Newsletter of 2020. Covid-19 has truly affected SACC Texas in so many ways and has forced us to take our important events […]

Welcome Alisha Kornhammar, SACC-Dallas Board Member

Your last name gives us a Swedish vibe. Could you tell us more about that? That’s because it is Swedish! It is my new family name. My personal heritage actually isn’t Swedish though (at least not that I’m aware of). My ancestors have been Americans for farther than we can […]