Thank you, Saga Löwenborg!

Saga Löwenborg has been an invaluable intern for SACC Texas during the last year. We would like to say thank you to Saga, as she is now moving on to attend the University of Portsmouth in the UK to continue her studies on supply chain management.

How would you describe your internship with SACC Texas?
I would describe my internship as a learning experience. At first there are a lot of things to learn but once you start getting familiar with the programs and software it becomes second nature. All in all, everything you learn while interning is easy to grasp and can be used to do other things as well. Along with that this internship has been a very valuable source for me in what to expect going into the professional world. The learning curve has been exponential yet fun and practical.

What did you learn?
During my internship I learnt a lot of valuable things such as website editing, graphic design, and advertising. I also learnt what to expect in a professional environment.

What are you going to do now?
Now that I have finished my internship, I am going to attend the University of Portsmouth in the UK to continue my studies on supply chain management. I also plan on joining the Swedish Chamber in London.

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