Interesting and important insights from the SACC Texas Survey 2022 Report

Earlier this spring, SACC Texas conducted a Survey led by SACC Houston Vice Chair, Johanna Miceli. Here you can take part of the whole report or just read the executive summary. 

Executive summary:

  • We need to recruit 18–25-year-old people. The new collaboration with SIREUS can generate new members and networks. It is a three-year-long collaboration project between The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA) and twelve Swedish universities. For more information about SIREUS: SIREUS LinkedIn
  • There are more men (68 %) than women among the members. One way to attract more women might be to do personal interviews, including questions regarding how to motivate women to participate in the SACC Texas organization and network in the Newsletter.
  • 52 % of the companies do not have connections to Sweden other than the participant. Most of the participants are executive in their professional roles, 48 % have their own business, which indicate mandate on decision making and can contribute with mentorships for new incoming Swedes to Texas, start-ups and/or established companies moving to Texas. Positive initiatives were made to volunteer, mentor and support new people and business in Texas. These are great effects for the SACC Texas:  Goal: “working to facilitate and increase business between Texas and Sweden” Vision:To be the main resource for pursuing business opportunities with the Swedish-American network that is rewarding for members personally and professionally”

  • High interest of the digital platform for members sharing business interests, which have a great impact on how members can interact, find talents, work/assignments, resources, be recommended or recommend a member, and facilitate business networking that gain Swedish-American business opportunities.
  • High interest in online educational events. We welcome SACC Texas members to contact us with your ideas regarding educational topics and creation of events. Some examples of topics:
    • Swedish & American Business Cultures
    • Change Management & Business Development
    • Green Tech Innovations / Energy
    • Texas Legal System for Business
    • Working Remotely in Texas

For more information, please have a look at the SACC Texas Survey 2022 Report. If you have any questions and would like to know more about the study, you are welcome to contact me on my email:

SACC TX Survey 2022 Report


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