Welcome as a new intern at SACC Texas, Felicia Nordgren!

Welcome as a new intern at SACC Texas, Felicia Nordgren!

Felicia Nordgren is an intern at SACC Texas, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She tells us a bit more about how it is to work remote as an intern, also having a seven-hour time difference.

What are you doing as an intern at SACC Texas?
As an intern at SACC Texas, I do all different things, but my main task is to be of assistance to André. One of my most recent tasks was to identify contact persons within PR and marketing for Swedish / American companies. So that André could map these and provide them with our newsletter. I have also been involved in planning a new exciting project that SACC Texas may start in Q4.

What made you sign up as an intern with SACC Texas?
I applied for an internship at SACC Texas because it is a great opportunity and an educationaljourney. As I recently graduated in economics, I saw the internship as a good steppingstone to start my journey to work internationally. The plan was that I would have been in Houston already in March 2020 but due to Covid-19, the plan changed a bit and now I have an internship from Sweden instead.

Why would you recommend someone to apply to an internship at SACC Texas?
It ́s a great learning opportunity and you get to work around interesting companies with many talented people. As an intern you don ́t only do one thing, you have the opportunity to take part in many exciting projects. It is both fun and challenging.

How is it to be an intern working remote from Sweden?
The biggest challenge to remotely work from Sweden is the time difference. Otherwise, I would say that it works well, and it has allowed me to continue studying. However, it would have been fun to be on site and meet the people I talk to and not have to take everything over the phone or video meetings. But due to the pandemic I think that we all have had to adjust our plans and make the best out of the situation. Overall, I feel very blessed for having received this possibility and being able to combine school with my internship.

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