Meet Brittany Chang, our new board member in Dallas

Could you tell us a bit about your background? I attended the University of California, Irvine to get my Bachelor’s degree in Education Sciences with a specialization in Children’s Learning and Development. While completing my undergraduate degree, I worked as an Applied Behavior Analyst and Board-Certified Autism Technician to provide […]

SACC USA Business Survey Results

Check out the results of the first ever SACC USA Business Survey to see how Swedes across the country felt about the US economy and the US general election in September 2020 SACC-USA-Business-Survey-no-1-2020 Summary: 57 percent of the responders thinks that Joe Biden will win the presidential election 2020 51 […]

Greetings from Hans Cederlund, President SACC Texas

Dear SACC Texas Friends! We are certainly living in turbulent times. Already on the other side of the election, we do know that this kind of political uncertainty is not ideal for business development. However, Sweden is well positioned, sins Swedish businesses have so much to offer the United States. […]