Greetings from Hans Cederlund, Chairman SACC Texas

Dear SACC Texas member,

In these unprecedented times with Covid-19 we are all facing new challenges. The SACC
network is in no way exempt, on a national, or regional level. Our work focuses on facilitating business
between members as well as between Sweden and the U.S. through networking opportunities at our
events, by providing Swedish trainees the possibility to gain professional experience in the U.S., but
also offering the same opportunity to U.S. students going to Sweden. The pandemic is forcing us to
rethink everything we know about our business. SACC Texas has taken steps to adapt, to maintain and
improve networking opportunities and share best practices.

I want to mention two examples of such activities that we hosted in May.

SACC Texas hosted two sessions of “Never Waste a Good Crisis” in May with CEO/Senior Partner of
Cimplement, (also President of SACC Florida) Per Cedergren, discussing increased productivity, more
robust supply chains and better leadership. This was an event created to have discussions, and indeed
we had good discussions among the participants. It demonstrates our strong SACC network where we
reach out across the states.

The other event was arranged by our Dallas chapter hosting CEO of Biamp, Rashid Skaf. A very
interesting fireside chat moderated by Chair SACC Dallas, Patrik Melander, where we learned about
Leadership, Energy and Risk Tolerance, Culture Change, Strategic Direction and Shared Success.
Two great examples of where we could listen to experience, entrepreneurship and leadership that we
have in our organization.​

We will continue to have our events where we can meet in person as soon as it is safe to do so, but
we have a great opportunity to reach more of our members with hosting webinars. SACC Texas will
work hard to develop all events to create more business and we are thankful for all feedback.
Remember, as a member of SACC Texas you have a vast network covering the whole U.S. With our
three chapters in Austin, Dallas and Houston, SACC Texas has a strong position within the SACC USA

Stay safe, Be Good and Stay Healthy!

Warm regards from Dallas,
Hans Cederlund, Chairman SACC Texas

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