Read the latest update on 2020 SACC membership dues

Dear SACC Texas member, Our inability to arrange in-person events makes you as a paying member even more important for a nonprofit organization like SACC Texas, simply because member fees are now our only source of income. With events no longer taking place face-to-face we are fully dependent on membership […]

SACC Texas Board Member André Persson writes in Svenska Dagbladet

SACC Texas board member, André Persson, writes in the Swedish morning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, about the strip club Bucks Wild’s desire to be considered a restaurant in order to open up its operations a little earlier. An English translation is provided below. Fully dressed strippers as US open up after […]

“Quarantini” – a new interactive event appreciated by many

On May 20, SACC Dallas held its first interactive “Quarantini” event. The topic was the telecom industry in the shadow of the pandemic, initiated by board member Patrik Löwenborg. Inspired by the success, Patrik will now arrange more quarantinis and he is now happy to receive suggestions on new themes. […]

Online meetings replaced physical events for SACC Texas

For Patrik Melander, it has been a hectic spring with changed plans and a total turnaround of the event program. With Covid-19 everything had to be changed. But Patrik is cautiously optimistic and believes in a comeback for the physical event after the summer. But until then, SACC Texas can […]

Greetings from Hans Cederlund, Chairman SACC Texas

Dear SACC Texas member, In these unprecedented times with Covid-19 we are all facing new challenges. The SACC network is in no way exempt, on a national, or regional level. Our work focuses on facilitating business between members as well as between Sweden and the U.S. through networking opportunities at […]